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The Profitable Dentist: An Open Letter From Contributing Editor Travis McFee

A Letter From Travis McFee

Travis McFee is contributing editor and co-founder of The Profitable Dentist newsletter.

Dear friend,

My name is Dr. Travis McFee and my partner is Dr. Woody Oakes. Together we write a newsletter called "The Profitable Dentist" and we've probably been responsible for putting more profit into the pockets of dentists than anybody else living in America.

I'm not kidding! Listen to what this doctor says: "Just one idea I picked up added an immediate$14,000 to my monthly production!" Another doctor stated, "In the six months since I got my first issue, my total gross earnings are up $126,241 over last year." in fact, last year, our average subscriber added $82,487 in gross income! (Some did over $200,000 more!) This is what we want to do for you! We want you to produce more, collect all, and keep half!

"Can my practice really grow $100,000 per year just from reading your outrageous little newsletter?"

You bet it can! Let me prove it to you! You see, Woody and I know what we're talking about because we live and work in the trenches just like you. We practice wet-gloved, masked, face-goggled dentistry day in and day out, so we know what works, and we also know the garbage when we see it.

We're just a couple of average joes who come home at night, take a shower, play with the kids and live regular lives.

We're not a big consulting group with "hired hands" to do our thinking for us. What we teach is learned by trial and error and what we teach works!

Listen up: Back in 1982 when I started my practice here in Oregon, unemployment was about 14% and the economy was sluggish. Sluggish? What am I talking about? It was dead! These days they're calling that patch of time the worst recession since the Great Depression! And they're right. Those were rough days!

Today my practice is entirely smooth running and profitable (top 2% actually).

Let me tell you about my "ace in the hole!"

His name is Dr. Woody Oakes, and he is simply the most amazing mentor/teacher I've ever known in my entire life.

Some say he's the most profitable dentist in the United States! I don't know about that, but he has to be in the running for "America's Busiest Dentist."

Most of what I've accomplished is because of Woody.

I guess the thing that most impressed me about Woody is that he's just a regular guy. He struggled for years like I did and at one point early on, he even got evicted from his one bedroom apartment because he couldn't afford the rent! I mean ... he paid his dues!

The way I got hooked up with Woody is that he wrote a book, The Winning Combination I, that detailed the steps he took to build up his practice. I bought a copy and began to take his advice, and that's when my practice really took off. I wrote to him to say thanks, and he wrote back. I called, we talked, and soon we were sharing ideas like crazy, helping each other, and raising our practices to dizzying profit levels. it was a lot of fun!

Over the years, we added a few more doctors to our network and finally one day Woody said, "You know, Travis, since we're already sending all this info back and forth each month, we should start a newsletter!" So we did!

The Profitable Dentist newsletter is the result and I believe reading it can make you rich! Each month Woody and I pour out our heart and souls ... we hold nothing back!

Building a secure, lucrative practice is no mystery to those who know how. One doctor wrote and said: "This is the most powerful practice building tool to come along in 20 years! Wow!" . . . I tell you, it's hard to be humble when you're continually flooded with praise like that!

Oh, yes, back to the question, "Can your practice really earn an extra $100,000 over the next 12 months?" The answer: "Yes, Yes, Yes!" Over 12,000+ current subscribers can't be wrong.

Please put us to the test.Subscribe right now and I guarantee it'll be the best decision you'll ever make. You'll be thrilled, I promise!

Travis McFee, DDS
Contributing Editor
The Profitable Dentist

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