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Dr. Doty graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Dentisty in 1975. He graduated second in his class and was inducted into the Dental Honor Society OKU. He has been in the practice of private dentistry for 20 years in the town of Brunswick, Ohio. Dr. Doty is a general dentist and maintains his practice at production levels which fall in the top 5% of all dental practices according to figures presented in recent Dental Economics Magazine articles.

Doctor Doty's World Headquarters

Being a general dentist, Dr. Doty has the opportunity to perform a variety of dental services for his patients including:

He and his wife have given lectures and workshops to dentists on subjects ranging from Attitudes for Success to People Reading Skills. His wife, Chera, has written an article for the magazine Dental Economics on how attitudes affect a dentist's performance. Dr. Doty published an article in the The Profitable Dentist Newsletter concerning digital imaging systems in the dental office.

Dr. Doty has special interests in orthodontics and computers in dentistry.

Community interests have included:

Hobbies include:

Passions in life: Be in harmony with the life force that unites us all, love and care for my wife and two wonderful sons (both in college now), and constantly strive to provide the best and most caring dentistry for all my patients.

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