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A detailed schedule of the various advertisement strategies available via the Dental Cyberweb has been added to make your options clear.


Newsletters must have a free article available as sample, we would advise to change article each month. (Purpose of change is to attract readers) This free article can be a past article or one in current newsletter. We will include a 1/4 page ad for your newsletter, take subscriptions via E-mail or phone for one and two year subscriptions, and deliver newsletters via E-mail to subscribers. We will supply you with the names and addresses of all subscribers and we will send you a monthly check for all subscriptions. Our fee for the service will be 15% of subscription rate. You may set your rates accordingly. You may offer past issues for sale also.



On-line workshops set up in real time can be offered upon approval of subject by the Dental CyberWeb. A 1/4 page ad will be placed for a reduced fee of $20/ month, $50 setup fee. Setup fees for materials, graphics and text, to be used in workshop will be charged according to time it takes to make materials available in an online format. Fee will be based on $100/hr generally most 1 hour workshops will probably require 1 hour of work to setup. Remember, once setup you may offer the workshop many different times with no additional setup fee. We will register students via E-mail and phone and collect money for workshops sending you list of names and addresses and your monthly compensation. Our fee will be 35% of your participant fee with a minimum of 175/hr or workshop online time.

Full courses

We can include graphics and text in full day length courses. Particpants can take the courses at their convenience! We would suggest a prearranged time for an interactive real time component. Initial suggestions would be that the lecturer would be available for a 1 hour period to answer questions. We will take registrations and payment for all courses and provide a 1/2 page ad per month to advertise your course for a reduced fee of $25 month $75 setup fee. We will send you a list of all participants and monthly checks for amounts collected. We will charge setup fees according to time involved to make ready materials for presentation and we will charge 25% of participant fees for our services.

Things To Remember

Advertising on the World Wide Web is much different than advertising in traditional media. Here are some things to remember:

  1. The audience is virtually world-wide. People from all countries have easy and instant access to all materials on the Web.
  2. Compared to costs for print, direct mail, etc. the costs to advertise are fantastically smaller.
  3. The people that access the Dental CyberWeb will be the people to which you want to market. Talk about target marketing! They have not received a mailing or phone call they didn't ask for; they are looking at our area of the Web because they want to and are interested in what we/you have to offer!
  4. The cost to share your information is terrifically smaller also. Costs for printing and mailing newsletters are high. Costs for marketing courses, travel costs, time out of office, reserving rooms, staff to run courses etc. is also very high.
  5. I recently accessed another dental oriented page at a major university and they have been keeping track of people that have accessed their page in the last month. The number was 28,000. This number seems to be doubling every month. With easier access via Compuserve and American Online more and more people will have access to the Web and be able to easily come to our page.

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