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The Dental Cyberweb provides various articles of interest to those without a professional involvement in dentistry. Enjoy your reading, and please contact us with any suggestions.

Articles of the Month

Each month Doctor Doty either writes or selects an article for patients and non-professionals. Here's a complete list:

Month Title
This month! 1997 Internet Dental Forum Conference
April, 1997 Smile Smoothing
March, 1997 Questions Across the Net from a Young Inquisitor!
February, 1997 A Simple Five Minute Cure For Dental Anxiety
December, 1996 Twas the Night Before Christmas...
November, 1996 A Menu of "No-Fat Fillings"
August, 1996 Stop digit-sucking with the My Thumb and I program!
July, 1996 Sorry, No article for July.
June, 1996 Coming Soon: How to deal with your child's thumbsucking.
May, 1996 Treatment of Missing Lateral Incisors in the Child Patient
April, 1996 Sorry, No article for April.
March, 1996 What Patients NEED To Know About Managed Care! (Part II)
February, 1996 What Patients NEED To Know About Managed Care! (Part I)
January, 1996 Sorry, No article for January.
December, 1995 Bleaching Your Teeth
November, 1995 Decay Prevention
October, 1995 Dental Definitions [Now a new section!]
September, 1995 Porcelain Veneers and Other Restorations

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