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Single Tooth Implant

The patient pictured here is a 17 year old white female. She had congenitally missing lower second bicuspids. Orthodontic treatment was completed several years prior and space was being held for replacements for the missing permanent teeth by her retainer.

teeth exam
Implant and crown on right, 1 year post-op.
panorex before

The left and right panorex X-rays show conditions before implants were placed. The right implant was placed in the summer of 1994 and the abutment was placed in November 1994 and restored with a normal porcelain to metal crown. The image shows the implant and crown completed.

panorex before
Panorex before placement of left implant. Panorex before placement of right implant.
implant abutment

The second implant was placed on the left side in the summer of 1995 and just recently the abutment was placed with the crown being fabricated at this time. The implants used were ITI single stage implants. Results have been excellent. The biggest difficulty with treatment was that we had the bare minimum of space mesio-distally to place the implants. Space was so scarce that we had to modify the mesial and distal surfaces of the adjacent molar and premolar on the left side.

Left implant after abutment placement and impression taken for crown.

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