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A New Solution for Parent and Child: The Problem of Digit-Thumb Sucking

Many a parent has come to my office concerned with the persistent thumb or digit sucking habit of their child. Both parent and child are frustrated with attempts to stop the habit. The parent is aware of the damage continued sucking habits can cause to the developing permanent teeth. Actual deformities can result if the habit is continued after age 6. Our office has always had a few suggestions to help tame the habit. We have come upon an aid to quitting the habit that shows much promise.

This aid (book and glove) called "My Thumb and I" was developed by Carol A. Mayer, a certified Speech pathologist and Certified Orofacial Myologist and Barbara E. Brown. Barbara Brown's daughter, Ashley, at age 8, wanted to stop sucking her thumb but was unable to stop on her own. Her orthodontist recommended that she work with Carol Mayer. Ashley's struggle prompted this program. Her input and cooperation were invaluable to the creation of the program.

"My Thumb and I" is a ten step behavior modification program designed to stop the habit of digit sucking. It is for children 6-10 years old who have been unable to stop thumb or finger sucking on their own. Each step is abundantly illustrated and includes motivational activities which reinforce the concepts stated. The program also includes a glove, parent guidelines, and worksheets for children. This program is designed to empower the child and to increase his or her self-esteem. It is a positive, holistic approach which will enable parent and child to work together to gain control of a negative response/habit. "My Thumb and I" will increase the emotional as well as the dental health of the child.

My Thumb and I is..

  • Effective-- Teaches and motivates through behavior modification and rewards children to stop digit sucking.
  • Healthful-- Promotes proper development of mouth, teeth, face, and speech.
  • Positive-- Builds self-esteem, confidence, and gives a sense of accomplishment.
  • Wholesome-- Encourages communication and understanding between parent and child as they work together.
  • Fun-- Fascinates and involves children in entertaining activities.
  • Relaxed-- Helps children progress at a personally meaningful pace.
  • Appealing-- Easy to read large type, spiral bound, for easy use.
  • Complete-- Includes a glove, progress charts, and a parent's guide.

Below are some examples of what others are saying about "My Thumb and I".

I liked the rewards and the idea of picturing myself with a pretty smile.
Amy Hughes age 8

I am shocked! I didn't think Joey, age 9, could quit so easily. The glove really helped. He liked the stickers as well as the rewards.
Mrs. Vetri, Naperville, IL

The philosophy behind this book is relevant in today's health care climate. It's holistic, preventative, and conservative in its approach.
Winifred Booker, Pediatric Dentist, Baltimore, MD

My Thumb and I presents a positive approach. Amanda, age 9, developed a strong sense of "I can". I had no idea she could stop so easily. Her sense of accomplishment meant so much to her.
Mrs. Raymond Perkins, Wheaton. IL

"My Thumb and I" is the first of its kind in a field devoid of other specific how-to literature. Children need this product. Parents need this product. Dentists, orthodontists, pediatricians, speech pathologists, and other professionals need this product. The complete program and glove sell for $29.95 plus shipping.

Interested? Get ordering information by clicking here!

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