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Doctor Doty scours the Net to find the best, most informative links for Dental professionals. Click on any of the below to hop from tooth to gold-capped tooth.

If you find any cavities, do please contact us.

Bridges Of Particular Interest To Dentists

Hycomb Communications
Professional marketing tools for dentists.
SmileMakers On-Line
SmileMakers offers stickers and fun prizes for kids to dental and medical professionals - anyone who wants to make a kid smile! We offer fast, friendly customer service and a wide selection of stickers, toys, pencils and other fun stuff.
MasterPlan Alliance
MasterPlan Alliance - Dental Practice Management Consulting: Solution providers for dental marketing, management and staff policy needs.
One of the most comprehensive online directories available specifically for the use of healthcare professionals.
Schick Technologies, Inc.
Schick Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of CDR, a powerful digital radiography system which provides instant, high quality images using 90% less radiation than conventional film. This website has tons of information about CDR, including real digital radiographs and a 20-page tour through the features and functions of the CDR for Windows software.
Advanced Endodontic Research Group
Endodontic information for dentists.
Prosthetic Associates
Dental prosthetic information from a practice in Boston.
Hosting webpages for dentists and dental professionals.
USAF Dental Investigation Service
Provide investigative guidance and assistance for all USAF dental personnel.
The Dental Site
This dental site is dedicated to serving the dental interests of any and all interested the field of dentistry.
Endodontics Interactive
Information relating to various endodontic matters, including case studies.
Advanced Dental Products - DentalMart
Site of products for dentists and good index of other sites.
AAtrix Software
Aatrix Software produces a number of products aimed at improving small business productivity. Dentists and orthodontists--a payroll solution exists for you!
Nobel Biocare Home Page
Implant maker and seller.
The world's leading publisher of health science books, journals, and serious publications.
Photomed International
Makers of intra-oral photgraphic equipment.
Sci.Med.Dentistry Newsgroup - Gone?
Discussion amongst dental professionals.">The Preventative Dentistry Homepage
An excellent nexus of dentistry links.
Wayne Heim's Medical Illustration Home Page
Samples and contact information from free-lance medical illustrator Wayne Heim.
Seltzer Institute
High tech dentist information from the Seltzer Institute, editors of Dentists Desktop Reference to Computers.
Raintree Essix
Raintree corporation with information on orthodontics and their various retainer products.
3M Dental Products
Homepage for 3M dental products.
Boos Dental Labs
Boos Dental Labs, "your partner in patient satisfaction."

Relevant Health Links

Healing Our Children
Because your new baby matters. Learn how to make children's teeth healthy before conception and during pregnancy.
Cure Tooth Decay
Repair your teeth naturally with good food. Heal your cavities now and see if you can avoid a root canal.
Your Return to Healthy Teeth
Learn what causes tooth decay (cavities), and learn how to prevent and restore your tooth health with nutrition.
Cure La Caries Dental
Aprender más acerca del libro Cure la Caries Dental™. El libro está diseñado para empoderarlo y enseñarle de manera práctica, además de brindarle todas las respuestas que necesita para dominar las caries dentales.
Karies Heilen
Natürlich starke Zähne mit der richtigen Ernährung
Holistic Dental Store
Herbal dental care products that can be used to replace tooth paste and make your teeth healtheir including herbal tooth powder, herbal mouth wash and herbal vitamin C.
Healing Our Children
Sacred wisdom for preconception, pregnancy, birth and parenting
Fermented Cod Liver Oil
Learn the many health benifits of fermented cod liver oil
Cod Liver Oil Shop
High vitamin nutrient dense Green Pasture's oils delivered to your house.
Pictures of Jesus Face
Want to know what Jesus really looked like? Take a look at his face.
Preconception Health
A website and resource dedicated to preconception health of our children.

Bridges Of Interest to All

Ortho·ID[tm] is a national and an international children's identification process conceived to provide parents with peace of mind in the event of a missing or an unidentified child. Ortho·ID[tm] is an individualized identification system for children available through dental offices.
The Tooth Fairy's Baby Tooth Bank
A unique and sentimental keepsake for saving baby teeth, ToothFairy money and a diary of the memorable dates each baby tooth fell out.
FlossAwl dot com expired domain
A new product to help with flossing.
Dental Phobia
A great page for dental phobics.
Dental Infection Control Information Centre
Australian site with infection control information for patients and dentists.
Atlanta Dental
Conscious Oral Sedation
Dental Implant Page
Great page to explain implants to patients.
The Doctor of Laughter and Song
Howard M. Elson, D.M.D, the doctor of laughter and song, available for song and comedy appearances specifically geared to the dental profession.
Dr. Lawrence G. Falender: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Lawrence G. Falender: THE JAWFIXER. Offering a full scope of oral and maxillofacial services to his patients.
Dental Implant Home Page
Designed to become your major on-line source for information about dental implants and dental implant supported restorations.

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The Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry List has been created to advance open communication within the international dental community. All phases of Cosmetic/Aesthetic dentistry and related subjects are open for discussion. This mail list is open to dental professionals, auxillaries, suppliers and laboratories.


The Implant Dentistry Mail List has been created to advance open communication within the international dental community. All phases of implant dentistry and related subjects are open for discussion. This mail list is open to dental professionals, auxillaries, suppliers and laboratories.

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